Productivity and burning resources to transform them into energy or goods occupies almost obsessively almost all of the business literature. Words like efficiency and profitability are in the vocabulary of everyone who wants to do things minimally well.

However, we have to recognize that reality is more complex, and organizations do not depend solely on their production capacity.

In reality, we must consider them as organic entities that function as a heart. They have some impulses that are dedicated to taking resources and others from distributing them to other parts of the structure. Literally, every organization beats.

A company could not function normally without a good number of activities that, on the results, do not add value to the final product. These activities are not only treated as costs in the accounting entries, but internally, they are assumed to be as something other than an investment.

This only happens because we do not have the tools to measure their contribution to the value, quality, or price of our goods.

In fact, the usefulness of these services is not only undeniable but most of the time, they are necessary so that daily work can be carried out properly.


Nobody likes to arrive at the office one morning and have the office no longer there. Security involves adding gates, doors, alarms, surveillance cameras, access control, or any other service that ensures that tomorrow you can continue to carry out your activity.


Companies should be concerned with creating, caring for, and enabling formal and informal communication channels with which their workers feel most comfortable (and not the other way around).

In this area, we would find e-mail as an oversized tool. As a useful and little-inspected resource, internal forums, which allow processes to be organized by teams and topics. Trendy, group homework management programs.


Generally, storing the product does not add value to it, but there are exceptions.


As for transport, it is easy: The product is not better thanks to transport, but it is available thanks to it.